How did Endemol achieve rapid testing in a controlled environment?

Discover how BugFinders delivered end-to-end testing to one of the world’s largest entertainment producers.


Who is Endemol?

Endemol is one of the largest independent entertainment producers in the country. Endemol incorporates a number of production brands, including Artists Studio, Cheetah Television and their digital divisions: Endemol Games & Endemol Digital Studio.

The Challenge

Before releasing new apps, to accompany four of its popular TV titles, well renowned media company Endemol wanted to be sure the quality of its software would meet the high expectations of its customers.“Our apps had been supplied by 3rd party developers,” said Anil. This made it very difficult to check the quality of the software. BugFinders gave us the ability to avoid going live with buggy apps that would frustrate our customers.

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