How did Epson eradicate compatibility issues for their wearable tech products?

Epson discovered users were experiencing issues surrounding compatibility with their wearable tech. Understand how BugFinders returned meaningful results in 7 days!


Who is Epson?

Since its inception in 1942, Epson has passed down and expanded on its traditional strengths as a manufacturing company. Refining the company’s super-microprocessing and precision processing technologies in the development of its wearable tech and then expanding those technologies into other fields led to rapid progress

The Challenge

Upon discovering that users were experiencing compatibility issues when trying to use their mobile devices with Runsense, Epson got in contact with BugFinders. “When the app was first released, there were issues with compatibility on certain devices,” said James Charalambous, Product Manager at Epson Europe. "BugFinders’ ability to offer coverage on the devices we needed was a big draw for us" James continued.

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