How did Great Eastern Energy achieve Ultra-Comprehensive Functionality & perform Usability Testing?

Discover how two cycles of regional Functional and Usability Testing in 10 days resulting in a 15.5% decrease in bounce rates.



Who is Great Eastern Energy?

Great Eastern Energy is a leading supplier of natural gas, electricity and renewable energy in North-Eastern United States. Founded in 1996, they remain one of the longest standing alternative energy companies in the region. Their full service energy solutions help businesses and property owners thrive by managing their energy costs and increasing their bottom-line. Today, they lead the industry with their thorough understanding of the energy market. By staying on top of the latest energy trends, they are able to bring the best energy services and technology to their customers. 

The Challenge 

In 2015, Great Eastern Energy created two microsites for customers to enrol in gas, traditional electricity and renewable electricity plans online: one dedicated to small business customers and the other for residential. An analysis of the sites showed that the flow of traffic from the homepage was low for both and also had high bounce rates. Based on this information, Great Eastern Energy decided to merge the two microsites together to create one enrolment microsite with a more intuitive navigation.

Before launching the new enrolment site in November of 2015, Great Eastern Energy enlisted the help of BugFinders to perform both Functional and Usability Testing.

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