How did scripin conduct agile and diverse testing with a quick turnaround?

When Ruud Enterprise was launching their new collaboration App Scripin they turned to BugFinders to improve their site usability.


Who is Ruud Enterprise?

Ruud Enterprise develops and markets B2B and consumer mobile apps. Scripin, the company's first venture, is an innovative collaborative photo and video app that allows closed user groups to upload, curate and output digital albums of a shared event in one easy to access location. Scripin is a multi-platform app available on iOS, Andriod and HTML5.

The Challenge

Ruud Enterprise needed to comprehensively test Scripin, their collaborative photo platform, before taking the software to market. They recognized that testing Scripin on web, iOS and Android would require the power of a Crowdsourced Testing solution.

As a result, Ruud Enterprise turned to BugFinders. They needed the testing to be carried out comprehensively and efficiently in a timely manner. 

Ruud had overseen a soft launch of Scripin, which they internally tested. However, for the actual launch, they knew they needed a wider scale of testers on the project. This is when Ruud Enterprise came to BugFinders for support and guidance.

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